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Garnishment & The Homestead Deed

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A garnishment of wages or a garnishment of a bank account can leave a person frightened and confused. Having your bank account locked up without notice and make a person unable to pay for rent, food, gas, and other necessities.

A wage garnishment in Virginia can seize up to 25 percent of a person’s income. In both situations, a wage garnishment can make it impossible to continue to feed, shelter, and clothe your family. Garnishment lawyers know how to get your money back quickly but legal help from an attorney can be expensive at a time when your funds are frozen.

Well, not any more. Our book, “The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Your Garnished Money Quickly Using a Virginia Homestead Deed: A Step-by-Step Guide” (only $29.00) unlocks this secret and guides you through the legal process of getting your garnished money returned using a Virginia Homestead Deed. Our 25-page book will take you through the steps understanding how to confirm the status and origin of your garnishment, applying for protection by filing a Virginia Homestead Deed, and to properly request the court to return the garnished money. In most cases, a person’s bank account or wages are garnished without notice. The garnishment summons usually arises too late for the person to move their money or seek legal solutions or assistance to halt the garnishment. Virginia garnishment laws do not require that the person who is about to be garnished be notified in advance. You can spend the rest of your day Googling “how to stop a wage garnishment”, or “how to unfreeze my garnished bank account”, or “why am I being garnished before the court date”.

The answers to all these questions can be found in The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Your Garnished Money Quickly Using a Virginia Homestead Deed: A Step-by-Step Guide. Order your copy today and have your money back in your pocket in a week. You do not need to be the victim of aggressive creditors with high-paid attorneys using the courts against you. You can have the same understanding of how to use the legal system to protect your wages or bank accounts. Don’t let your ignorance cost you hundreds of dollars through lost wages or savings . Get the ultimate education today from our “ultimate” guide today so you can go laughing to the bank when you see the surprise on the face of the attorney for the creditor when the judge hands the money back to you. Warning: We recommend you consult an attorney prior to pursing any legal defense or filing any legal documents.

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