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Homestead Exemption Protection

virginia homestead deed, stop garnishment

"I spent days trying to figure out how to properly create a homestead deed, and any steps involved in the process. Research is something I am accustomed to, but the stakes are higher when dealing with matters such as this. Needless to say, all I was finding was the same form over and over which did not meet my needs. I then ran across this site and found it to be extremely useful and provided me with the peace of mind that the deed was created properly. The instructions provided once my deed was generated were easy to follow, and allowed me the confidence that everything was correct upon filing."

Robert R. - Nottoway, VA

Homestead Help?

                          Recover garnished wages, Savings,

                        Protect Property in Bankruptcy

                                         Create An Affordable Homestead Deed Online Today!

An individual In Virginia Can Protect $5,000 Or More in Property In Bankruptcy Or During A Garnishment

Have You Filed A Legally-Valid Homestead Deed? 


The two most common situations in which a Virginia resident needs to file a homestead deed is in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and to assert their homestead exemption to force the return of money taken by creditors through a wage garnishment or a bank account begin garnished.  Filing a homestead deed will not stop a wage garnishment or account garnishment.

You have worked hard for your money and the property your family enjoys. You should not let a creditor  or the bankruptcy court just take your property when Virginia law provides the protection you need under the homestead exemption. 

Create a legally-valid Virginia homestead deed today and relax knowing you and your property is protected.